#RealestOneStanding -@WhoIsREVOLUTION drops FREE on @Soundcloud

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Revolution just released his new single #RealestOneStanding free on soundcloud! This fully original song was produced by TheCratez.com be sure to check it out at the link below 50k plus already have !

Realest One Standing Free on Soundcloud

“What A Feeling ” -@MGtheMC Drops Free on Soundcloud

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MGtheMC has a new single free on Soundcloud titled “What A Feeling” prod by VarsityBeats , this fully original song can be found at the link below !

What A feeling On Soundcloud

God,Money,War Tour Boston King Los/MDR/Derrick Milano

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Check out the coverage from MGMC Entertainment of The God,Money,War Tour hitting one of Boston’s top night clubs The Middle East. Featuring King Los, MDR and Derrick Milano tearing the Mic apart, you can’t miss this one for sure ! Link to the video will be below .


MDR/Revolution/M.G Live @ Shaskeen Pub 9/27

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As you all saw in the first edition of MGMC DaytoDay Young Raw Talent took a trip to Manchester to perform live from The Shaskeen Pubs rap night venue. This is a quick mashup of Revolution MDR and M.G. The whole performance from each artist will be up soon as well. Word has it the Shaskeen has requested all the artists back for a sold out show as soon as possible. Find the link to this video below !

MDR,Revolution,MG LIVE from Shaskeen

New Single #TeleviseThat by Revolution Ft. MG Drops on Soundcloud


Revolution just dropped his new single #TeleviseThat ft.MG to Soundcloud free of charge. The beat was made by TheCratez.com for Rev and MG. Make sure you listen to this one, it might just change how you look at the life you are living. Link to the song is below!

#TeleviseThat Ft.MG

MGMC #DaytoDay Vol1: SNHU Trip


In an MGMC first, you get a view into the daily lives of our Artists before showtime! See how local Rappers MG,MDR and Revolution live before their show at The Shaskeen Pub in Manchester New Hampshire features three  freestyle cyphers as well , link for this episode is below !

#DaytoDay Vol1

M.G “Get it How I Live ” Now on Soundcloud

eeCi2AYrCEO and Rap Artist MG just released his new single “Get it how i live” to soundcloud free of charge! The beat was produced by menace and mixed by MGMC Entertainment. Find this new song in the link below

Get it how i live -MG

Decluttering My Mind

Great blog to check out for some deep explicit reading !

Let's Be Explicit

This summer, my birthday snuck up on me faster than it ever has. I had just completed my second year of college (after recently deciding on a goal to graduate a year early) and was relaxing until my summer job began. As per usual, my birthday became a day of not only celebration, but reflection. I thought of how anxious I was to not have a concrete after-college plan and I contemplated the particularly difficult time I was having with a family member. I felt insecure about my future, my social life, and my appearance – as I had felt on most of the birthdays during my teenage years. At the end of the day, I realized this was the last time I wanted this annual self-reflection to be so negative. I want to feel confident and secure, instead of doubting that I am enough.

There has seldom been a…

View original post 936 more words

New Single “#LivingProof” by Revolution produced by MG and TheCratez.com Is now on Soundcloud 

   •Boston-local New England Hip-Hop recording artist “Revolution ” just dropped a new single on Soundcloud.com. The beat was made custom for Revolution by http://www.TheCratez.com then mastered by Company owner MG. The single shows why we all are living proof of something . Be sure to check the song in the link below and hashtag #LivingProof on Twitter to talk about it . we are MGMC .We are the revolution and we can not be stopped . 

Click to Listen to #LivingProof

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