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  Red and Black Music group bring you the new stoner  anthems  and blue prints with all the best local south shore artists like Jacksonville ,MG, Revolution and many more sounds and styles ,download and listen with the link below ,and turn the system up and light one for this tape.

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What it means to be a Patriot 

Being Patriot day I felt the need to express what the true meaning of a Patriot is. This country was founded on a revolution that belived in the true origins of Liberty , freedom, and freedom from oppression. being a Patriot means more than being a football fan an America fan or just an American Citizen. It means knowing the true simplicity’s of life on earth and being able to go in which ever way your sole wants with whoever you want . freedom is something not many of us from this generation know , we are led to believe we are free to controle the distribution of money and power to men who have more than enough but ask for more , men that live in the shadows afraid of the light ,these people live right in our country and so do the people who have nothing and have worked and stressed for years on end to provide the same money these men use to buy suits. We are living a life so synthetic ,so artificial and so far from what can be viewed as real. We have forgotten the land , the people , the dream and the blood that was shed in a revolution to make sure no men controlled our country synthetically through the shadows . But a patriot believes in a better day and believes in the unity of a group of individuals to complete a task , they belive in the rain and put trust in the trees , they believe that this land is our land, this land is your land , don’t get caught up in the money and the struggle and oppression rise above it . Feel real emotions with real people , the reason so many of our lives feel un for filled is because we are not living a life true to a human being we are trying to make life into something it’s not and a patriot is the one person willing to stand up for the right way , the true way and the way that’s right to all humans no matter your skin, gender or sexual orientation . a patriot fights for what they believe in and brings those ideas to grave if need be . Get up and fight for those rights because no one is going to do it for you . live free or die . -REVOLUTION

Aaron Hernandez found Guilty of 1st degree Murder .

  •   A jury in Fall River, Mass., found Former Patriot player Aaron Hernandez guilty of first-degree murder today after seven days of deliberation.The crime carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole. Mr. Hernandez sat down right after the jverdict was delivered , and  was handcuffed immediately after the verdict, was to be formally sentenced late Wednesday.Mr. Hernandez’s mother, Terri, and his fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins, embraced and cried at the announcement. Ursula Ward, the mother of the victim, Odin Lloyd, also wept. Does anyone really win ? -REVOLUTION 

Isis Hit list for American Military in country

IMG_0838 WASHINGTON- getting word from social media that the Head terrorist organization Isis has issued an in country hit list is never a good thing. The individuals on the list where high ranking Air Force and Navy Officers. There has been no connection as to why Isis wants them dead. homeland security has asked all local police forces to step up their efforts and help those in need. Not much else is known. An official video and story link is below -REVOLUTION
Channel 10 news coverage on Isis hit list

Isis storms Ramadi as Iraq army stands its ground.

BAGHDAD — Militant fighters of the Islamic State mounted one of their fiercest assaults in months on Wednesday, setting off 21 car bombs injuring and killing hundreds  in the city of Ramadi, even as the group lost ground in an Iraqi government offensive in Tikrit, security officials said.Security forces fought Islamic State holdouts in two remaining neighborhoods on the west side of Tikrit, the birthplace of Saddam Hussein, where militants massacred more than 1,000 Shiite Iraqi soldiers last year. Can Isis be stopped ?-REVOLUTION 

Isis executes 21 in act to “conquer Rome”

IMG_0638 Isis in an attempt to grab National media attention has executed 21 humans on Sunday right on film too. They wanted the blood to drain into the ocean and meet Osama Bin Ladin’s blood to begin the path to “Conquer Rome “or in other words conquer America the new world power. Another issue with the video is one Masked member of Isis appears to be American by the sound of his voice . Is Isis a world threat ? America is setting up programs to help not radicalize young troubled youths. Fearing Isis can grasp the mind of a bullied teen and turn him into a solider with a cause . Now more than ever we need a plan and to ban together in an act to stop this slaughter , read more about the American Governments point of view from on the matter from president Obama right below and join MGMC to start a global revolution for good .-REVOLUTION
Obamas Isis world press coverage

IDFWU (Freestyle) by Revolution
2015 recorded and produced by MGMC Entertainment be sure to give this one an ear. follow Revolution on Twitter @MGMC_REVOLUTION and the label @ MGMC_Ent_Music .

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